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Liz has been amazing! She makes sure to discuss all of my concerns as well as explain things in a way that make it easy to understand how to simply make habit changes and do better!


I have really enjoyed working with Liz, she really tries to understand my goals and always keeps my dietary restrictions in mind. Since working with her I have been able to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into my diet/meals without trying to get me to eat foods I know I don't like. I have slowly expanded the foods I make and order out and I can honestly say that she is the only reason I will eat salads as a meal (I used to only eat them as sides).


As much a guidance counselor as a dietician/ nutritionist, each visit with Liz was a quite the learning experience. Her suggestions and healthy recipes were eye opening and delicious. Her knowledge and insight were invaluable and helped contribute to my 40 pound weight loss over 4 months. Her understanding and empathy made the lifestyle change more a pleasure than a chore. Highly recommended. Five stars. A+ and all that. If you're serious about weight loss and nutrition, Liz is the one to see.


Liz is always very nice and professional. She has been a key factor in changing my health and healing the relationship i have with food. Because of her patience and knowledge i now have the skills make better choices to benefit my health now and in the future. The tools she has given me will last a life time.


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