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Meet Liz

Liz Sasso-Karelitsky, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian passionate about helping people reach their individualized nutrition goals. She received her Master's of Science from Montclair State University, and completed her dietetic internship at Iowa State University. 


Liz has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and believes in the powerful relationship between mind and body. From her own past experiences of dieting, Liz knows what it is like to obsess about calories and carbs. However, through studying the science, she has realized that restrictive diets do not work. Instead, Liz believes in cultivating a healthy relationship with food. This includes utilizing a balanced and evidence-based approach to help clients make sustainable changes. Using this approach, she has helped hundreds of her clients cultivate a healthy lifestyle and improve their relationship with food.


Liz has a love of food and cooking and believes that a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a sacrifice. An active food blogger, she is passionate about sharing healthy recipes and nutrition tips. Liz believes that working with a dietitian should be an empowering and supportive process. She has worked as a dietitian serving clinics throughout Northern New Jersey helping patients with a variety of needs. When not working, Liz enjoys spending time outside and traveling with her family.

Connect with Liz on Instagram @LoveFood.Nutrition

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