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The BEST summer Pasta

〰️Cut zucchini and summer squash into even sized pieces toss with avocado oil, paprika, garlic powder & s+p. Roast at 400F until lightly browned ~15 min.

〰️ Prepare corn fresh or frozen ok 👌🏽

〰️ Prepare your favorite pasta

〰️ Sauté onions in olive oil until golden brown and add @otamotfoods spicy tomato sauce

〰️ Toss pasta with olive oil, sliced spinach and parm.

〰️ Stir greek yogurt with hot water to make it saucier

〰️ Plate pasta, top with roasted zucchini, corn, dollop greek yogurt and add @otamotfoods spicy tomato sauce. Garnish with fresh herbs. 🌿


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